Series Scores with Hash (#) Characters

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The # indicates missing data.

If you first enter a boat into R10 and then it races in future races then all is good. If you then go back and put the boat into (say) Race 5 of that race of the series, you will confused the system.  TopYacht has recorded that the “first race” for the boat is R10. It now finds an entry/ result in R5 but has no idea of your intentions for races 6 => 9 inclusive.

This can also happen if you alter a Casual/Visitor to become a Series Entrant.

If they raced a Casual in R5 and R7, then at R10 raced but become a series entrant: what should you do?

  • Go to the first race in which they raced
  • Convert them to a Series Entrant (Select that race, then Admin | Maintain | For this Series | Alter Cas Ent to Sers Ent….) Then enter them into that race.
  • Process that race. For races in which they were not previously an entrant (6, 8 & 9)you must manually add them before processing that race.
  • If this process is not followed the # will appear for the affected race/s.


To remove a boat from races before a nominated race :

  1. From the main screen go to Step 1 Select Series.
  2. Note the Series ID.
  3. Open that series AND go to the last race that has results.
  4. Admin Mode | Maintain | Config.
  5. Ctrl M (on that page) This opens the advanced Menu.
  6. Bottom right, press the “Entrants” button.
  7. Top Left fill in the Series ID you just noted eg “1”.
  8. Press the “Get Data 1” button.
  9. In the left most table of data, scroll down to the boat of interest.
  10. Copy the name of the boat into the “BoatName” box, top left. This is case and space sensitive so make it an exact copy.
  11. Press the “Boat Filter” button beside the Boat Name.
  12. This then shows you that boat in three columns. From left to right these are: Series Entrant, Race Entrants, Results.
  13. Top right: click the “Boat First Race” button. This shows the “First Race” as stored by TY in the Series Entrant table and the First time the boat appears in results.
  14. Once you have decided which race to use as the nominated “First Race” then enter that number in the “RNo” box, top right.
  15. Press the “Remove Before” button to right.
  16. Wait 5 seconds.
  17. Press “Get Data 1” button.
  18. Press the “Boat Filter” button to see the outcome.
  19. NOTES: If in removing this boat the scores of others will alter, then reprocess ALL races (bottom left most small grey button on process screen- be very careful to absorb each question that then appears!!!!! You must be a last race with results!). This will OVER WRITE and previously manually edited scores and possible mess up handicaps!  So only do this if you really have to a do a back up first.
  20. Check out the Series Scores.


2010-01-27, 2009-04-01