TopYacht in a Nut-Shell

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TopYacht provides the complete software solution for running sail boat racing

There are two major components

  • TES (TopYacht Entry System)
  • TopYacht (results management and handicapping software).


This is a web based product and provides facilities for On-line Entry and taking payments, and has been constantly evolving for 15 years.

Entry can be for:

  • A sailing event; or
  • An individual Race; or
  • Club membership; or
  • Volunteer registration/tracking; or
  • Training course registration (and participation monitoring); or
  • Support Boat Registration

Entry can Include:

  • upload of documents e.g. Insurance cert or scanned Safety Audit Entry
  • A ‘shopping cart’ for lunch orders, regatta clothing, presentation dinners etc.
  • Sailors can create and/or maintain their own profile
  • Owners can create and maintain a boat profile. This is then available to enter any The boat profile includes crew members.
  • Owner can easily record/update their daily race crew via their smart phone.

TES also provides:

  • Web based Sign on / Sign Off system that does not require scanners [OnWater[1]]
  • Web based finish times capture on laptop or tablet/iPad [WebTimes[2]]
  • Event Notice Board
  • Protest detail recording and displaying
  • Automatic Last Finisher/Protest Time display
  • Auto updating IRC,AMS,SMS,ORC and PHRF NZ data for event boats
  • Handicapper access to update handicaps for the next race
  • Access to cross club handicapping data/logs
  • Various payment options including an on line gateway with Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Administration Functionality Includes:

  • Entry tracking
  • Payment tracking and reconciliation
  • Communication faculties for emails and SMS messaging to entrants singly or collectively
  • `Intention To Race` SMS messaging functionality and real time reporting of responses
  • Radio Sched creation and real time reporting
  • Access to standard and customised reports

Event Tool box:

The tool box gives administrators and jurors quick access to key facilities in TES when running a regatta.

Event Results Display:

TES can provide enhanced results display providing both a results matrix and scrolling results on public displays for a regatta. These use any web-browser as a platform.

Data Sharing/Syncing:

  • TES can interact with the Membership Management systems via the `Member Point[3]` application. Member Point provides a number of other very powerful functions such as `day passes`.
  • There is a standard report that provides the data needed for importation into the Sailing Australia’s club
  • APIs can be created to share/sync data with other member


TopYacht has been constantly evolving for 20 years.

  • Runs on a desktop/laptop Windows[4] computer or on a MAC[5] with a Windows emulator;
  • Import/exports data from/to TES;
  • Provides results with or without handicaps;
  • Using times or places;
  • Suits both keelboats and `Off The Beach` racing;
  • Has considerable flexibility in how race Series are set up and results calculated based on the RRS;
  • Handles Low Point, Bonus Point, High Point and Cox Sprague Scoring Systems;
  • Allows linking of results e.g. an Autumn and Summer Series into a `Combined` Series;
  • Has a powerful handicapping module that allows considerable flexibility in how you calculate handicaps for the next race where auto updating handicaps are used;
  • Finish times
    • can be manually entered;
    • via the inbuilt `StopWatch` facility that is used to capture boats as they cross the finish line in real time;
    • imported from WebTimes (see above); or,
    • imported from a csv file.
  • Works with Sail Numbers or Bow Numbers;
  • Can upload results directly to your club web site with just a few button clicks.
  • The ‘Basic’ license produces results and Updates handicaps. Names are shown with a first initial and a full surname. Produces printed reports as well as outputs to basic RTF and html for web sites.
  • The ‘Enhanced / Regatta’ license shows the full Christian name. Data can be imported from csv (Excel) files. Handicap graphs are available. Series scores that are tied are automatically broken as per RRS Appendix A 8.
  • The ‘Keel Handicapping’ license provides extended parameters for tweaking handicap progression. Includes handicap graphing screen.
  • The ‘Site Manager’ license makes it extremely simple to upload good looking result to your club web site.

We are currently moving TopYacht (results and handicapping) to a web based application that will be integrated into TES. This will be available in a number of versions catering from the simplest club racing to complex regattas.

[1] OnWater requires a license extension.

[2] WebTimes requires a license extension.