Using TopYacht at your Club

Purchasing TopYacht Race Results and Handicapping Software.

Before purchasing TopYacht (TY) there are a number of things that you should know. If the following leaves questions un-answered then please feel free to email specific questions to us.

1 – Operating System & Computer Requirements.

TopYacht is a 32-bit Windows based program.  (We understand that several clubs run it on a Mac that emulates Windows).

While TopYacht has minimal hard disk and memory requirements, we would not recommend using a operating system prior to Windows XP, as the processing power of chips manufactured before XP would take a long time to number-crunch a large fleet.

2- Getting Started (see also training below)

The biggest strength of TopYacht is also its biggest weakness! It can be configured in many, many ways. This is necessary to suit the need of all the different clubs and events that use TopYacht. The downside is it can be a bit overwhelming when you first set it up. Once set up, most clubs have little difficulty producing weekly results and sending them to the Web.

3 – Three-month no-obligation free trial

To help you fully evaluate TopYacht we offer a 3 month no obligation free trail period.
During this trial period we strongly urge you to run a variety of races/series from last season; both club and regatta events so that you are comfortable with the software before the start of the season. Use our Contact-Us page, to request a licence. Assuming you go ahead,  the first year’s subscription is back dated to the start of the 3 month trial.

4 – Initial Training

We include 2 to 3 hours telephone/Internet hook up of computers for initial training.
This is more than enough for most clubs.  We chat to you over the telephone while looking over your shoulder (over the Internet) to guide you through the process. This is done out side normal business hours.

After the initial training we are happy to receive an occasional short telephone call
and will answer all emails – usually within 24 hrs.

If you want on site, training then we can provide costings for you –
this is not included in the initial purchase.

5 – Ongoing Support

For existing users we remind you that you are entitled to email support with an occasional very quick phone call. If we get repeat phone calls after your first season, then these will be charged as “extended support”.  We do not expect to have to go over things with you that were covered in the previous season. There are over 220 users. If we answer a 30 minute call from each club each week, that is way more hours than we have in a week! We answer 5 to 20 emails per day, 7 days a week and that alone takes up considerable time. There are lots of clubs using the software and while each club has different needs and does things a little differently, we strongly encourage you to swap ideas among yourselves. That is a great way to explore TopYacht and a great way to look at ways that other clubs carry out different procedures.

6 – Licence Agreement

Provided the software is used for your club racing/events the licence allows it to be loaded on several computers. It is not uncommon for the clubs scorer to take a copy home after each week to check.

7 – Ongoing Development

TopYacht was first released to the public in 1979.
Its functionality has continued to be enhanced over the years with over 6 man years of time in the software development – and still counting!  Updating TopYacht on your computer is easy. Simply go to Help >> Check for Updates and follow the prompts. [Assumes Internet connection.]

8 – On Line Entry and Event Management System

The TopYacht Entry System (TES) is a separate, Web-based software suit. It exchanges data with TopYacht. TES is now in use for most major sailing events around Australia. It significantly simplifies the administration of a sailing event.

It is also being used at a growing number of keel-boat clubs for their weekly racing. For more information contact the TopYacht team.

9 – Pricing

TopYacht has an initial purchase price. After the first year there is then an annual maintenance fee to cover upgrades and email support. The program goes into “read only” mode if the licence is not renewed.

Click Here for the Price Schedule

10 – Payment Options

Plastic Card, Direct Debit or Cheque.