Since 1997, TopYacht Software has been a pivotal part of the sailing community in Australia, providing innovative entrant and results management software solutions. In that time the company has grown to become the largest provider in Australia, with over 140 clubs, associations and events using the system, from results processing for small volunteer clubs through to online entry solutions for the largest sailing events in the country.

On the eve of the company’s 20th anniversary, TopYacht have announced a new partnership with digital development agency Savage Bull. The partnership has already commenced, with the two companies working towards a joint venture, providing TopYacht with additional resources and expertise in order to take the company to the next level.

Rod McCubbin

Founder, Development & Results Specialist

Rod is the Founder and brains behind TopYacht. With Rod’s knowledge of sailing, including hands on race management) and his software programming skill, he has been able to create something that is an essential part of the sailing community, TopYacht.

Robert Savage

General Manager

Robert’s first web development customer was a sailing club, and he has continued to work in the sector for more than 17 years. Crucially, he has also worked as a manager of a club and is a member of a golf club. All of these things together give Robert a unique understanding of technology and how it is used in clubs.