Why we’re the industry yardstick…

Save time and money

Our technology delivers time and cost savings to club and regatta managers, while improving results accuracy.

Ultra fast and easy

Fast and easy access to results, often published to the web before competitors have reached land.

Amazing race tools

Exciting, close and fair racing with a comprehensive selection of yardstick and handicapping solutions

Safe passage

Have peace of mind with solutions that enhance the safety for sailors, volunteers and staff

What our clients say…

Sandringham Yacht Club

From online entries right through to the publication of results, TopYacht makes the entire process simple and easy to manage.

James Sly

Sailing Coordinator

Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

The team at TY and support given by TY over the years has been outstanding, their willingness and promptness to address the clubs needs is second to none.

Brendan Rourke

Sailing Manager

Belmont 16ft Sailing Club

The handicap system TopYacht uses has provided our boats with very close racing (in fact our finish team wishes it wasn’t quite so good as on our handicap starts the whole fleet finishes almost together!)

Danny Anderson

Sailing Coordinator

The Right Tack - Yacht Race Management & Administration

I have been running sailing races for many, many years and the one thing the sailors want at the end of the day is fast accurate results, and for handicap racing, the ability to produce credible handicaps for the next race. Top Yacht has been developed over some years to meet those criteria easily.

Denis Thompson


Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron

BYS has been using TopYacht for the past 24 months and assists us with our complex keelboat handicapping and off the beach races. All of the components from online entry, to advanced handicapping and electronic sign on are great features that make everything a breeze.

Liam Edleston

Sailing Manager

Mt Martha Yacht Club

Sailors have embraced the new system wholeheartedly with electronic sign on together with results after racing that are almost immediate and more accurate. The support from Top Yacht has been excellent at all times.

Jonathan Vaudrey

Club Scorer