Adding or Deleting Databases to the TopYacht Registry

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The TopYacht registry is a list of logical pointers that enable TopYacht to connect to a specific database.

The database stores all the tables that TopYacht uses from Handicap Definitions, Penalty Place systems, Scoring systems, the Master list of boats, finish times and race results.

TopYacht recommends that a new database be set up for each new season, and for each stand-alone event the Club hosts.

This can be either locally, or on another computer hosting TopYacht then transferred to the local machine.

It is strongly recommended that the databases are not stored on a central server or a file-sharing service.

Network and file-synchronizing overheads will have a profound impact on TopYacht’s transaction speed, an make it unusable

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Topics covered:

  • Fetching the database to Add,
  • Adding a Database to the TopYacht Registry,
  • Removing a Database from the TopYacht Registry.