Backup to a Second Storage

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TopYacht offers the option of backing up the database to a .zip file periodically, as well as on choosing Exit.

By default, the storage location is the C:\Users\Public\Documents\TopYacht\data\xxxx\ folder, where xxxx is the year the database was created (not the current year!!).

The user has the option of choosing a different location each time the back-up is initiated.

Save to Secondary Storage

This option is provided to allow users to nominate one additional (secondary) storage location to automatically store backups. This location could be:

  • A Drop Box,
  • Cloud Storage, or


The user must provide a valid path statement per database for the backup to occur.

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  1. Enter the path of the secondary storage

This takes the form of:

  • C:\users\public\backup for a local drive
  • \\server\users\topyacht\backup\2020\keel_boats… For a server
  • \dropbox\…
  • C:\Users\Steve\OneDrive\Topyacht\ for cloud services etc


When exiting TopYacht, the option is offered to create a backup in the secondary after the offering of the primary backup.