Different Laps for Different Competitors

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TopYacht provides 2 methods for producing sensible results when comparing competitors who have completed different numbers of laps of a common course.

Important Notes:

  • Under normal circumstances it is essential that the Finish Line is also Start Line (there is an exception to this rule – see “Lap Racing On A Fixed Course – Course Specific Handicaps“) . If this necessary rule is not followed then a competitor sailing 3 laps has not sailed exactly ¾ as far as a competitor who sailed 4 laps, etc. and hence the scaling maths in incorrect.
  • The Laps must be around the identical course. They might all be windward returns, or all be triangles.  You cannot have some competitors complete W,T,W [1]as “3” laps then another complete W,T,W,T  as “4” laps as the “laps” are not identical.  If you wish to use windward returns and triangles, then “one lap” must be one of each!
  • TopYacht calculates all results as if each competitor sailed 4 laps. So, for those who sailed 5 laps their corrected time will be scaled down by 4/5 while those who sailed 3 laps will have their time scaled up by 4/3.  Put another way, for each competitor TopYacht calculates the average time to complete one lap then multiples this by 4.
  • The BCHs take the number of laps into account so you can develop handicaps across competitors that sail a different number of laps.
  • Calculation of handicaps within a total fleet (i.e. across Divisions) only works if the handicaps are set up to flow across Divisions so for example the faster competitors are in Div. 1 with handicaps of >=0.850, Div. 2 is for handicaps  >=0.750 but < 0.850 and Div. 3 is < 0.750.  Then the number of laps must reflect the handicap with faster competitors (i.e. Div. 1) doing more laps etc

Option 1:  Different Laps per Division.

From the main menu use step 2 “Select Set Up Race”

  • Check the “Different Laps per Division” box.
  • Then provide a number of laps per Division in the “Laps” column of the Starts table.

  • Enter finish times and calculate results as normal.

Option 2: Where competitors within a division complete different numbers of laps.

Set this up exactly as per option 1 above.

  • Enter the finish times as per normal.
  • Then go to the “View |  View / Alter Finish times /Positions” screen. For those competitors who completed a different number of laps to that indicated for the Division,  then provide the actual lap count in the appropriate column of the finish times table.  In the example below a Div. 2 competitor completed 2 laps rather than the 3 expected of Div. 2 (see illustration above).

  • Then process as per normal.


Document Revision

2020-06-21, 2002-10-31

[1] W-T-W describes the course sailed. In this case it is windward-leewood / triangle – windward-leewood