Displaying Country-of-Origin Flag Images on Internet Results Pages.

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TopYacht has been adapted to display Country-of-Origin Flag Images on the

  • Series Score;
  • Race Result; and,
  • Race Report (entrants list)

internet pages.

This enables you to add an air of sophistication to the presentation of results to the wider public; especially for international events.


  • A TopYacht Enhanced Version License
  • The ‘Note2’ field enabled (do not change the label); (See the TopYacht HELP topic “Configure Software” to enable the Note Field/s)
  • The ‘Note3’ field enabled and suitably labelled;
  • A 25 x 25 Pixel image of the Country-of-Origin flag in .png format. This must be stored on the TopYacht server (by TopYacht personnel) at https://topyacht.net.au/results/shared/flags/. The naming protocol of these files must be consistent with RRS Appendix G;
  • The use of TopYacht templates
    • race-report-template16;
    • race-results-template16; and
    • series-scores-template16

with a revision date of 03 October 2018 (or later)

  • A TopYacht TES Interface license (Optional);


The user populates the “Note3” field with the three character country name as per RRS Appendix G.

This can be done by

The warning shown in Appendix 2 can be ignored in this instance.

The user then activates the Nation Flag Utility as per Appendix 1.

Publication of Results:

For the printing of hard copy reports, use the Hide/Show Column utility on the

  • Race Result
  • Series Score
  • Race Entrant

to hide the Note2 column[2].


For internet publication use the same utility to display the Note2 column.

See HELP | Hide or Show a Column on a Report

Appendix 1

Activating the Nation Flag Interface

Step 1

Activate the Utils Menu: Admin | Maintain | Utils

Step 2

Click the “Add Nation Flags” button.

This populates the ‘Note2 ‘field for each competitor in the TopYacht database with the text string <img src=”xxx.png”>, (generated from the ‘Note3‘ field), ( HTML code )

where ‘xxx’ is the three character country name as per RRS Appendix G. The web browser reads this string. It is interpreted as html code and downloads then displays the image.

Appendix 2

Document Revision Record:


2019-12-30, 2019-12-24, 2019-12-22, 2018-12-22, 2018-11-13, 2018-10-03, (Original Issue)

[1] The routine TopYacht Step 6a downloader function does not include the country of origin.

[2] Failure to suppress the publication of the Note2 column on printed reports will display the text field described in Appendix 1 on the report. To the non-technical observer, it looks like gobbledygook, and will degrade the cosmetic appearance.

It must be enabled for the internet report  as it contains the HTML necessary to initiate the down-load of the flag image from the TopYacht website