Import Competitors from a .csv File

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TopYacht has a utility for populating the Master List from a .csv file. Additional sub-options permit the addition of the boats to a series and a race.


  • A TopYacht ‘Enhanced (Regatta) mode License is required.
  • The TopYacht ‘File’ menu is enabled

Scenario 1: ONLY populate the Master List

Step 1:

Create the .csv file. Only the MUST HAVE columns are needed; (See Appendix 1: Create the .csv File)

Step 2

Save the .csv file.

Step 3:

Open the file menu

File | Import | Entrants into Master List with NO HCs…….

Step 4:

Click Import Competitors CSV

Step 5:

Find and select the file created from Appendix 1: Create the .csv File

Step 6:

Click on the target file, then click ‘Open’

Then select Sail No from the dialogue that pops up.

If your data has TES BIDs available (in a column of the csv) then using the TES BID is a much better alternative. This is only available to TES users where the BID is generated in TES.

Step 7:

Click on ‘Validate’

If you are importing boats (matching on Sail Number) with the same sail number as an existing boat then it will be assumed to be the same boat. This can only be solved by altering the Sail Number in the left window; validating again, then proceeding.

Step 8:

Press the ‘load into TopYacht’  button.


  • Set up a race (TopYacht Menu Step 2); and
  • Add Competitors to the Series (TopYacht Menu Step 3); and

Have a list of any starting handicap values handy so the handicap value fields can be loaded

Scenario 2: Import Handicaps and Enter into Series/Race

Step 1:

Create the .csv file. The MUST HAVE columns are needed; (See Appendix 1: Create the .csv File), as well as the optional handicap group columns.

Step 2

Save the .csv file.

Step 3:

In the Series Setup (Page 3) ensure that the Handicap Group Names are identical with the heading names in the handicap group optional column header.

Step 4:

Select (or create) the first race

Step 5:

Open the file menu

File | Import | Race/Series Entrants with HCs or…….


Continue with the process described in Scenario 1: ONLY populate the Master List

Scenario 3: Import Specific Classes only with Handicaps and Enter into Series/Race

Prior to executing the steps in “Scenario 2: Import Handicaps and Enter into Series/Race”, carry out the following steps:

Step 1:

On page 2 of the Series Setup Wizard, check the “Import Listed Classes Only” box

Step 2:

Follow: Admin | Maintain | For This Series | Edit Divisions in Series

Step 3:

  • Click ‘Add a Class’
  • Select each class to be added to the series from the drop-down list
  • Add a division number (any number will work). These will need editing when the number of starts and the starting order is finalised, so that the various classes are associated with the correct start.
  • Close


Follow the steps set out in”Scenario 2: Import Handicaps and Enter into Series/Race”.

Appendix 1: Create the .csv File

Excel, (and most other spread sheets), databases and some word processors allow the export of data (“save as..”) a ‘flat’ text file in Comma Separated Variables (.csv) format. TopYacht allows the import of such a list. Always choose the simplest CSV format.  The file extension is expected to be .csv.


The first row must contain specific Column Headings

The 6 MUST HAVE columns
Heading Field Size Comments
CLASS 20 This MUST be a class name exactly as used in TopYacht’s Class List
SAIL NO 8 Alpha/Numeric
BOAT NAME 20 Alpha/Numeric
FIRST NAME 20 [Of Skipper] Alpha/Numeric
LAST NAME 20 [Of Skipper] Alpha/Numeric
FROM 30 Name of Club/State etc.
OPTIONAL Handicap Group Columns
PHS 5 Numeric ( format)
AMS 5 Numeric ( format)
IMS 5 Numeric ( format)
PHRF 5 Numeric ( format)
PHRF-NZ 5 Numeric ( format)
ORC 5 Numeric ( format)
SMS 5 Numeric ( format)
OD 5 Numeric = 1.000. This is ignored but needed to import into the OD group.
Other OPTIONAL Columns
CREW_1 20 Alpha/Numeric
CREW_2 20 Alpha/Numeric
SAIL NO2 8 Alpha/Numeric
SAIL NO3 8 Alpha/Numeric
NOTE 25 Alpha/Numeric
NOTE1 25 Alpha/Numeric
NOTE2 25 Alpha/Numeric
NOTE3 25 Alpha/Numeric

Import Rules

  • The .csv must have as its first line the column headings listed below.
  • There are 6 must have
  • The .csv must have no blank lines at the bottom.
  • The “has crew” check box must be checked before TopYacht will import Crew Names. See TopYacht HELP topic: Add or Edit a Class Name and / or Yard-Stick
  • The Class Names must be as per the Class Names list See TopYacht HELP topic: Add or Edit a Class Name and / or Yard-Stick

TopYacht has a template available for download that takes care of the Class Name verification. It has a drop-down list of all the currently recognised classes and their variants. It also converts the BOAT NAME field will be automatically converted to UPPER CASE to be consistent in appearance with TES-loaded boat names.

  • If you have generated a .csv file from a previous master list, it is important to delete all other columns (including headings) except those listed above.
  • If used, The OPTIONAL Handicap Column/s headings must have a corresponding group name in the series-setup (page 3) to import into a series / race.

  • Close Excel before attempting the import. TopYacht cannot access files still open in Excel


  • The Note column can be used for Bow Numbers. See TopYacht HELP topic: Bow Numbers (Hull Numbers
  • The Note1 Column can be used to handle a third crew member See TopYacht HELP topic: Handle a Third Crew member
  • Be careful with boat classes like “Hobie”. It is meaningless, as there are several variants of Hobie Class cats, all with different Yardsticks. It must be “Hobie14” or whatever. The template is kept up to date by TopYacht Tech Support.
  • For keel boats use a class name of ‘D1’ for Division 1 boats, ‘D2’ for Division 2 etc.
  • A list of all the classes contained within TopYacht’s database can be printed by using the Print button on Add or Edit a Class Name and / or Yard-Stick. There are some 450 entries!
  • Suitable Group Templates for the handicap system options above are contained in each TopYacht virgin database.
  • TopYacht recommends saving the file into the C:\users\public\public Documents\Topyacht\import\ folder. This folder is the ‘landing folder’ when the import utility is activated.
  • Because of the boats with the same class and sail number are assumed to be the same boat, you must not have multiple boats of the same class where each is listed with a sail number of A. If you do, you will create a competitor with one skipper and a lot of crew members all on the boat of sail number N.A.
  • There is an optional field called “From”. While this heading must exist, it is not necessary to populate in this field. This can be ignored or used to indicate which School /Club / State / Country a competitor is representing i.e. where they are “from”.
  • If the .csv file is missing one of the necessary headings then you will be given the opportunity to alter the heading on the screen then press the Retry

Save the .csv file into C:\Users\Public\Documents\TopYacht\import\ for Windows 7 (and later) versions

Appendix 2: Dump the Master List into a .csv File


Master Lists can get out of hand, especially if they are repeatedly copied from a season to season to season.

An easy way to clean up the Master List is to perform the house-keeping at the start of the season with a brand new database.

Step 1

Open the previous season’s database.

Step 2

Open the Competitors Names Maintenance Screen

Competitors | Update / Add new Competitor to Master List

Step 3

Click on any cell in the main grid

Step 4

Hold down the <Ctrl> key and press “P”, opening this selection box.

Step 5 

Click on the Comma Separated Variable option, and press ‘Print’

TopYacht will dump the file into C:\Users\Public\Documents\TopYacht\export folder.

This file can now be edited to delete unnecessary boats (or add new ones)

Be sure to modify the header row to conform with TopYacht’s requirements if the new list is to be re-imported into TopYacht for the new season.