On Water Results Team Check List

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Prior to Going on Water

Check your Kit for

  • Clip boards & pens
  • Tape recorder & tapes & batteries
  • Mobile Telephone with charged battery
  • Club Telephone number
  • Clock/watch to record in times in TOD eg 16:23:13; synchronized to GPS time
  • Low power binoculars are useful
  • Quells : Being anchored can induce sea sickness


  • Finish Sheet Sets – pale blue (25 finish times per page)
  • Competitor lists

Pre / During /Immediately After Each Start:

Record on the first Finish Sheet

  • Number of starters [preferably with Sail Nos] per start.
  • OCSs, DNSs that you know about. (Correlate to previous point. Record Sail No & “OCS”/“DNS” in ‘DNF etc’ Column.)
  • Start time for each Start/Division in TOD eg 14:00:00.
  • Course number for each Start/Division
  • Beat length (in nautical miles), for laid mark courses.
  • Wind & wave info at the start.

Then telephone this information ashore ASAP after the start(s). Call results office & we will call you back. PS By now all sections at top of page should be complete!

While Boats Are Finishing:

Record Finish Times via TopYacht’s Computer Stopwatch (on board) otherwise

Record on the Finish Sheet

  • Sail Number / Bow Num and finish time in TOD eg 16:23:13 [even if out of time!]
  • DNFs that you know about. (Record Sail No & “DNF” in Note Column.)
  • Record boats flying Protest Flag & note whether they hailed you
  • Record a note about anything unusual eg a boat that finished twice or had an unregistered Sail No.

Telephone the results office

  • Once you have a page complete (25 finish times) OR if you have say 10 new finishers and have a break in finishing then
    • either telephone them ashore. Use “standardised” methodology for reading times to shore. [Else shore persons constantly having to adjust to different styles; or,
    • take a photo of the finish time sheet and SMS it ashore
  • When ALL boats are accounted for as Finished, DNF, DNS etc then please recheck the wind and wave conditions & telephone them through with the last few boat’s info. So when it’s all over you should have every boat accounted for on the finish sheet(s).