OnWater & WebTimes: Change Sail Numbers on the Fly

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  • All entrants must be in the TES database
  • All entrants must be downloaded to TopYacht from TES via Step 6a.
  • A TopYacht OnWater and WebTimes license extension is required.
  • Web Times / OnWater mode is set to 2 in the database configuration.


Neither OnWater nor WebTimes have the functionality to allow “on the fly” changes.

The sail numbers have come from TES and are the sail numbers that TopYacht is expecting to provide sensible results.

There must be ground rules that “changes won’t be accepted after 09:00 on the day of racing” or equivalent.

Option 1:

If a sailor wishes to update their Sail Number then they can log in to TES and “Update” their entry at any time PRIOR to you executing a Step 6a in TopYacht.

Execute a Step 6a in TopYacht at 09:05 and import the entrants.

Make sure to select Options 1-4 on the import screen before clicking  .

Once you have executed Step 6a, click  .

Option 2:

The sailor completes a Request to Change Sail Number (Form) for approval by the RO.

Depending on the expected life of the change, one of two outcomes will be agreed to:

  • The RO / Competitor agree to keep the original sail number for sign on sign off purposes and finish time recording.

In this case, the RO / TopYacht operator will need to be vigilant at the finish to capture the replacement sail number and perform a transposition prior to submitting the results for processing; or,

  • The RO instructs the TopYacht operator to change the sail number in the TopYacht database.

This is carried out in Step 6, prior to the pressing the  button.