Oops!!! Race 4’s Results are in Race 3’s Slot

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Race 3’s results were phoned in and fell on the floor undetected. Race 4’s results came in and were entered into TopYacht as Race 3. Then Race 5……..

How to handle this.

  • For the real races 4 and 5, write the start times on a piece of paper.
  • For the TopYacht races 3 and 4, capture the finish times (See Appendix 1: Capture the Finish Times.

This eliminates the need to re-enter the times.

  • Delete TopYacht races 3 and 4 see TopYacht HELP | Delete a Race
  • Recreate TopYacht Race 3, and load the real race 3 data, then process the race. The handicaps from race 2 will flow through as expected.
  • Now create the real race 4 in TopYacht

Use step 6 to enter the competitors

Import the finish times into TopYacht. See Appendix 2 of Entering Finish Times

Process Race 4

  • Repeat the process for Race 5


TopYacht strongly recommends the use of our real-time entry of finish times. Because the times are loaded into the target race as the boats finish, it all but eliminates this source of error. It also eliminates double handling of times, and another source of transcription errors, as well as permitting the publishing of results within seconds of the last boat finishing.

If you are using a tinny to finish, then consider calling the finish over the radio or mobile phone to the shore, where a more computer-friendly environment exists.

Appendix 1: Capture the Finish Times

For each race, create a .csv file for all the incorrectly-numbered races.

  • select each one via TopYacht Step 2 (See TopYacht HELP | Select / Set Up a Race
  • Select Admin | View / Alter Finish Times / Positions

  • Click
  • Select the Comma Separated variable (*CSV) option
  • Click
  • Click on the drop-down box and select the TopYacht\Import folder (This is where the import routine initially searches for the .csv file)
  • Edit the file name to represent the correct race number
  • Press , while making a mental note of the file name/s created






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