ORC rating from TES and TopYacht

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From July 1 2021, the new season/new style ORC certificates are valid while the previous certificates are no longer valid.

You cannot mix ratings from the new and the old as they are not compatible.

From July 1 there are now three certificates and a number of different ratings on each certificate. TopYacht will support all these options.

The new certs are:-

  1. ORC
  2. ORC Non Spinnaker
  3. ORC Double Handed

Additionally there is now an “All Purpose” rating and a Windward/Leeward rating.

Chris Zonca, Ratings Manager Australian Sailing explains.

Scoring options available for ORC certificates.

On page 2 of the ORC certificates the various scoring options are presented.

The Single scoring option shown here provides the rating for both Windward/Leeward courses and All purpose. All purpose is derived from a theoretical style circular course and the wind strength distributed normally between 6 and 20kns. This scoring is intended for use on race courses other than Windward/Leeward.

Organising Authorities can design a scoring number which suites any particular race and should contact the Australian Sailing Ratings manager for more information about enabling this functionality.”


Click HERE to download the How To document ( ~ 7 pages)