PHS Handicap Progression in TopYacht: One Page Lesson

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TopYacht (desktop results and handicapping app) can be used stand alone or in conjunction with TES (web based TopYacht Entry System).

Stand Alone

Important – (PHS i.e. auto-updating) handicaps progress within a single Series – not cross Series.

In most cases this is appropriate as there is a different bunch of boats potentially doing races in a different format and may be even with a rather different crew.

Where a club has several concurrent Series in which the requirement is to have the handicaps progress across those Series, then the solution is to have an overarching “parent” Series in which all races are run and the handicaps progress in this Series.

The other (concurrent) Series are “children” Series that use the race data from the Parent. This data includes the list of entrants plus the race by race times and handicaps.

TopYacht and TES cycling Handicaps.

TES collects entries and allows the club handicapper to provide an initial handicap.

For race 1 the entrants are imported into TopYacht from TES (using step 6a) – this import includes the initial handicaps.

After R1 there are two options to progress handicaps.

Option One.

Just let the handicaps progress in TopYacht; and only import new entrants from TES in future races; this import including the initial handicap.

The downside of this approach is that you can’t automatically download any updated rating values like AMS, IRC, PHRF (NZ).

Option Two.

After each race upload the CHCs to TES.

The club handicapper can then access these and adjust as necessary for the next race.

When the next race is run, TopYacht Step 6a is used to import any new entrants and the AHC values (for all boats). These AHC are the previously uploaded CHC from the previous race, that may or may not have been adjusted be the club handicapper.

  • The CHC values from TopYacht must be uploaded after each race, and
  • Remember to use step 6a for the next race.

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