Producing Results for the Average Club

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Let us start by saying that there is no such thing as an “average club”.  Every club “does it differently” and many are not aware that other clubs do not do things exactly as they do! This applies to defining:

  • Series,
  • scoring,
  • responsibilities and
  • in virtually every aspect of the club.

The aim of this paper is to present a realistic way of providing results that satisfy the needs of the club but without putting undue stress or pressure on the Results Person.

Unfortunately far too many clubs do little to support this Person then wonder why they get quickly get sick of the job and quit.

There is usually

  • One results person.
  • A small number of persons who record the finish times.
  • A number of members of the Sailing Committee (who define the clubs racing program and the results required.)
  • A rather larger number of sailors.

Such a system must be put in place that provides minimal pressure to the smallest number of persons i.e. the results person & the finish time recorders. It is not hard to instigate such a system.


To make it viable for the Results Person to produce fast, sensible results it is vitally important that the 5 lots of data that must be provided to the Results Person are simple, correct and sensible.

The 5 lots of data….

  1. Series Set Up Information. (Results types/groups, Score type, discards etc.)
  2. Series Entrants data (list of competitors who have entered the Series complete with their personal handicap if relevant.)
  3. Race Set Up data (start times for each Division is key element)
  4. Race Entrants list for this race (who is racing today)
  5. Finish Times for this race.

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