Providing Multiple Results For Boat(s) in a Race.

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  1. TopYacht expects that only one race per series is set up at any one time. That race is “completed” before the next race is set up for that Series.
  2. Auto updating Handicaps normally adjust within one Series not across several Series although this can be achieved if needed.

Option 1: Results Groups

This provides multiple results for any boat(s) within a Series. Example IRC Handicap results for Race 4 and at the same time as Club handicap results for the same race.

Points of Note:

  • This is the simplest form of multiple results per boat for a race to use week by week. Allocate the boat the various groups once and get multiple results for each race with out doing anything else.
  • This assumes that the boat receives (as per above example) an IRC and a Club Handicap result for every race in the Series.
  • Boat(s) can be entered into one or two or as many Result Groups as you desire within one Series.
  • One results group eg IRC may only have a limited number of boats while another group may have all boats in the Series.

Option 2: Sessions

A common entry screen is used to input finish times for multiple Series at the one time. Further, if a boat is in some of those multiple Series then the single entry of a finish time will be allocated to all the series for which that boat is an entrant.

Points of Note:

  • The race number in one Series does not have to be the same as the race number in the other Series.
  • The race number that accepts the finish time for the boat is the nominated in any Series at that time.
  • The boat must be an entrant in each relevant Series.
  • The start time for each Series is set up within each Series
  • Once the Race in each Session is finished with then a new session must be created.
  • Each Series is totally independent in every sense. This system is simply used to entry finish times via a common screen.
  • This approach works
    • with manually entered times or
    • With times entered using the TopYacht Stopwatch or
    • With times imported from a csv.

Option 3: Parent Child Linked Races

Using this approach finish times are entered into a “parent” Series. The race is processed and checked in the parent Series, and then a race is set up in the child Series. This (child) race is linked to a race of the parent and uses the start and finish times of the parent. See Appendix 1: Parent / Child Linked Example

Points of Note:

  • The boat must be an entrant in each relevant series.
  • The boat need only be entered into the race in the parent Series.
  • The parent Series is not a special Series. On a race by race basis a different Series can be used as the Parent if desired.
  • The child Series can also have a race set up that is not linked to any parent Series if desired.
  • The Handicap from the parent can also be used in the child if desired. This allows auto updating Handicaps to develop in a Parent Series and be used in a variety of child Series.
  • A number of Child Series can be linked to a secession of races in a parent Series. This provides a parent for developing an ongoing Handicap for a number of Series that say run on the first Saturday of the month, another on the second Saturday etc.
  • Likewise this allows Handicaps to flow forward from say the November Series (child) to the December Series (child). [Note this may be available in an alternate “Handicap follow on” link

Option 4: A Combination of the Above:

The above can be mixed and matched to suit the clubs calendar.

Appendix 1: Parent / Child Linked Example