Selecting Site-Manager Site Templates

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With the introduction of the TopYacht Tool-box, several additional options become available to TES users.

These include

  • web access to a clickable Results Matrix (that permits the online examination of any race in an event)
  • Scrolling Screens which automatically scrolls through all the day’s racing results
  • A “Tool Box” for on-line handling and display of protest outcomes, protest time limits etc.

These new facilities require additional TopYacht Site Index templates.

The traditional template produced just a picking list of the series. In the TopYacht environment, this template remains the selection default.


Users must have the Site Manager included it their TopYacht License

Site Template Selection

  1. Follow the TopYacht sequence Internet | Site
  2. Click the down arrow to open the dropdown list of templates. In this example, there are three different site index templates to choose from.
  3. Click on the required template.
  4. Continue as normal.

Site Template Creation

  • Additional Site Templates must follow the naming convention where the first characters of the file name must be ‘site-index’. Example: site-index-template16.htm.
  • Additional Site Templates must be saved in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\TopYacht\resource folder.

Appendix 1: Template Description.


This is the default and is used for all ‘routine’ events that do not utilise the additional options listed above.


This is specifically tailored for keel-boat regattas that make use of the toolbox, matrix and scrolling screens


This is specifically tailored for Off-the-Beach regattas that make use of the toolbox, matrix and scrolling screens.


Other templates may be added to this list on a needs basis