Selectively Import Classes from a .csv File or TES

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TopYacht Operators may be faced with receiving a single entrants list.

The allocation of classes, courses and starts typically happens at the last minute, making the TopYacht Operators more stressful.

While this scenario often plays out at OTB regattas, the procedure will also work for Keel Boat events.

This utility allows the quick loading of TopYacht series after these administrative decisions have been made.

It can be used equally well with TES (Step 6a) downloads as it does for importing from .csv files

Step 1:

For each series, on page 2 of the Series Setup Wizard, check the “Import Listed Classes Only” box.

Step 2:

Follow: Admin | Maintain | For This Series | Edit Divisions in Series

Step 3:

  • Click .
  • Select each class to be added to the series from the drop-down list.
  • At this stage of proceedings, it is most likely that the Race Committee will have set the number of starts, the start order, and the start-class allocation. This means that the Division Number can be allocated, and the Division Numbers in the Select / Set up a Race step can be set.

Add the Division Number to the respective class/es.

If the division numbers cannot be derived (yet) use any number that comes to mind to satisfy the software. Remember to edit these when the race committee get their act together.

  • Click .