TopYacht: Carrying Handicaps into a New Series.

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Where you are using Handicaps in your results it is sensible to carry those Handicaps into the next Series rather than start all boats back on a handicap of 1.000 (or whatever).


Performance handicaps develop within one Group in a Series and are only valid for that set of boats, racing in that format of racing. They are not universal Handicaps that can just be plucked out and reused elsewhere unless it is into another Series with a similar mix of boats racing in a similar format.

Further, if you have Handicaps developed for a particular population of boats (say Division X) and Handicaps developed for another population (Division Y), these are two independent sets of boats. The handicaps are not transferable to (say) a combined fleet race. The relativity of the Division 1 boats would be sensible, likewise the Division 2 boats BUT they are not related to each other, and cannot be used to compare Division 1 boats to Division 2 boat unless you provide a sensibly thought out scaling of either the Division 1 or Division 2 Handicaps to align with the boats in the other Division.

So, you have finished the Spring Series and the same fleet of boats is now doing the Summer Series. TopYacht allows you to import the boats into the summer series and bring the Handicaps they would have used had there been one more race in the Spring Series.

To do this…

The handicap Group names to be copied into the summer series must be the same as those in the spring series. Example: If in spring the group was called “PHS” (the norm) then it must also be called “PHS” in the summer.

Create the first race in Summer Series.

In the Summer Series, Race 1 …

Admin Mode -| Competitors Add Existing Competitor with HC(s) from existing Series | Series Entrant. [or Casual/Visor if applicable]

This will then allow you to select a Series that you wish to import from.

Once selected, this will populate the right hand window with the Handicaps from the previous Series.

Use the mouse to double click in the ADD column in the left window to add a boat to the Series using the handicap values as displayed in the right had window.



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