TopYacht: Create a .csv File to Import Finish Times.

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Excel, (and most other spread sheets), databases and some word processors allow the export of data (“save as..”) a ‘flat’ text file in Comma Separated Variables (.csv) format. TopYacht allows the import of such a list. Always choose the simplest CSV format. The file extension is expected to be .csv.

The first row must contain the 5 MUST HAVE Column Headings

Heading Max Field Size Comments
SAIL NO 8 Alpha/Numeric
Hr 20 Numeric: The finishing time (hours after midnight)
Mn 20 Numeric: The finishing time (minutes into the hour)
Sc 20 Numeric: The finishing time (seconds into the minute)
DidNot 20 Alpha: The Scoring Abbreviation (DNF, RET, OCS etc) These must be as per RRS Rule A11, or one of the TopYacht-specified variants[1].
Nights 5 Numeric The number of nights


  • The .csv must have no blank lines at the bottom.
  • The “Overnight Race” check box must be checked before TopYacht will import Nights. See the TopYacht HELP topic: Select / Set Up a Race.

Example: this would be set to 1 if a boat finished at 00:00:01, the day after it started.

An Excel template can be downloaded from TopYacht’s website. Click here.

Appendix 2 of Create a csv File to Import Competitors describes a method of checking the .csv file if the importer crashes.


The TopYacht operator could be handed a list of sail numbers and finish times thus:

The information can be transcribed on to a spread-sheet like this:

  • Use the Excel hour(xx) function to extract the hours portion of the finish time.
  • Use the Excel minute(xx) function to extract the minutes portion of the finish time
  • Use the Excel seconds(xx) function to extract the seconds portion of the finish time
  • Fill in the ‘nights’ column for any boat that finished after midnight.

The TopYacht importer will ignore the Finish Time Column

[1] See the document: Scoring and Penalties