Use Pursuit Race Elapsed Times in a TCF Series

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The elapsed times for a pursuit race are to be used in a separate aggregate series. Typically the handicap values used would be ratings (AMS, IRC, etc.), but there is no reason to not to use PHS values, and let them evolve in their own series.


  1. At the start of the series, set up an additional Stand Alone TopYacht series.

This series is to contain the TCF entrants. To reduce the risk of race creation errors, do not make it a series that shares results/handicaps etc.

  1. Populate the series with the entrants and TCF (handicap) values (Use TopYacht Step 3. TES users can use Step 6a to populate ratings.)
  2. Process the pursuit race normally, and publish the results.
  3. THEN return to the View / Print Results Screen (TopYacht Step 11).
  4. Click  .
  5. Select .
  6. Click.

Follow the prompts, noting the file name and location.

  1. Open the .csv file in Excel, and extract the Hours, Minute and Seconds values from the elapsed time stamp. There are Excel ‘time’ functions to carry out these tasks. Copy the Hour, Minute and Second columns, and use the paste Special function and Save them as ‘values’.
  2. Delete all the other columns.
  3. Save the spread sheet as a .csv file.
  4. Return to TopYacht. Use TopYacht Step 2 to create a new race in the series.
    Enter the Start Time as 00:00:00.
  5. Import the elapsed times.
  6. Process the Race.
  7. Publish the results, suppressing the Fin Time column (it is meaningless).

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