Using and Management of Penalty Place Systems

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RRS Appendix A provides a penalty system which forms part of the scoring system.

There are two main Penalty Place systems, being Rule A4.2 and Rule A9.

In a nutshell, A4.2 treats DNC in a different manner to A9. Virgin installations of TopYacht come with these two systems already installed, along with an additional one for Club use. This can be cloned or modified to tailor it to the specific requirements.

The Penalty Place System defines all the standard penalty places as defined in RRS 2017-2020 including:

  • ARB – as per RRS Appendix T1
  • SCP – as per RRS 44.3 (c)

TopYacht also supports two user-configurable penalties, being Event Specific Penalty (ESP) and Event Nominated Penalty (ENP) See Appendix 3

TopYacht recommends the as-installed A4.2 and A9 systems are not modified.

Selecting / Changing the Penalty Place System used

Each TopYacht Group Template is assigned a default Penalty Place system. The majority default to RRS A9. If the event is a regatta, it is expected that the user change this default to A4.2.

To Change the Defaults set by TopYacht

  • Click in the Dropdown box, then
  • Select the Penalty Place system from the list.


Appendix 1: Penalty Place Systems supplied with TopYacht

RRS A4.2


TopYacht’s Club Score Suggestion

Appendix 2: Create / Edit Penalty Place System

Follow menu sequence Admin Mode | Maintain | Configure Software, then select the  button. This allows you to view already-defined Penalty System or to create your own.

Please do not edit the templates supplied with the release of TopYacht. Copy, edit and rename your own. The ones supplied should remain as known good systems common across all releases of TopYacht.

  • Select the system most like the one you wish to create
  • Press the  . This will add a new definition as a clone of the one selected;
  • Give it a name.
  • Edit the parameters to suit your needs.
    • Place the cursor on the SUB-GROUP column for the parameter needing modification
    • Double-click on that box. This will produce a drop-down menu.
    • Select the new value for the parameter. (See List below)

By leaving the +/- column empty, the system forces the score nominated in the yellow Num column into the results, even if that means that multiple boats receive that score. This will not alter the places or scores of other competitors and hence several competitors will be placed second and scored as such.

It can also allow a percentage between the place and the place for a DSQ. So if a boat is 50th in a fleet of 100 and the penalty is set at 40%, then the new place = Place + 40% (DSQ Place – Place) = 50 + 40% (101 – 50) = 70.4 this is rounded to 70 as you can’t have a place that is not a whole number.

This Example gives a score of the boat’s Place plus 50% of difference between place and DSQ but limited to (not worse than) DSQ (which is the default situation).

Loading a parameter into the second blue SUB-GROUP Column will change the limit to the value of that parameter.

NOTE the / in the blue / column (circled) . This is what tells TY to do this second type of calculation.

Parameter Definitions:

In Series: means the number of boats that have paid their entry fee

At Start: means the number of boats that came to the starting are.

Started: means the number of boats that crossed to the starting line. (In Series – DNC – DNS)

Has Time: means the number of boats who have a finish time-stamp in this race

Place: means that boat’s place score


  • Under the RRS a boat is scored on her “place”. So results are determined in terms of each competitors place. The place in turn is awarded a score. This is true for first, second third etc. and is also true of the penalty placesg. DNC, DNF which are “.scored points for a [specified] finishing place … ” . For example under the RRS A4.2 “Regatta” (penalty) system any boat that did not finish etc. “shall be scored points for a finishing place one more than the number of boats entered in the Series.”
  • TopYacht refers to the “Scoring System” as the maths used to determine the score allocated to given specific place. For example under RRS Low Point the 3rd place is given 3 points where as under the RRS Bonus System 3rd place is awarded 5.7 points.
  • TopYacht also provides Penalty Place System definitions. This system defines the “place” given to a competitor for any penalty such as a DNC, OCS, BFD etc. So for example under RRS A4.2 any boat that did not finish etc. “shall be scored points for a finishing place one more than the number of boats entered in the Series.”
  • To calculate the actual score/points that will be given to say an OCS penalty, you need to specify both the Penalty Place system AND the Scoring System. For example: under ISAF A4.2 AND using ISAF Bonus Point System, in a Series with 16 competitors the OCS is awarded 17th place which is awarded 23 points BUT if ISAF Low Point System were specified then the same OCS is awarded 17 points.
  • TLE – a Time Limit Expired. Used in regattas so boats that miss out on finishing dues to dying wind are not penalised too heavily. Could also be used for club racing provided the NOR or SI covers same.

The following are not defined on this screen as they have a fixed interpretation.

  • AVG – the Average of all scores for a Series. If this is awarded at an early point in a Series then it will be altered after each race.
  • DUT – Duty score for those helping run the club on a particular day. As per AVG but limited to the X best scores. X is defined on oring
  • DUT – Duty score for those helping run the club on a particular day. As per AVG but limited to the X best scores. X is defined on Page 3 of the Series Setup.
  • PRO – This boat has indicated they are going to Protest.

Appendix 3: Scoring Penalties: RRS 44.3 (c)

Default as per RRS (place plus 20% DNF)… Leave associated text boxes empty.

To change the default percentage to (say) 30% of DNF

Or to specify the subgroup to be used in calculating the SCP

The following example SCP = place plus 30% AT START [but NOT worse than DNF – which is ALWAYS applied]

Appendix 4: Providing Different Scores for Different Races in a Series.

You can easily create your own Penalty system where the DNF or DNC etc. score is different to the two standard RSS definitions. Let’s say you want a penalty system where all penalty places remain the same but for a DNC you want this to be twice the number of series entrants plus 1.

Refer to Appendix 2: Create / Edit Penalty Place System.

From the drop box choose the Penalty system you wish to clone as a starting point. (For the example it was RRS A9.)

Then click on the “Create New Penalty Place System” button.

Give the new Penalty system a name in the top left of the screen.

Then alter the DNC definition as shown below.

Close the screen to save this definition.

Once you get to the race that needs the higher DNC score see: Selecting / Changing the Penalty Place System used

On Page 3 , choose the new Penalty Places option (in this example, “RSS Sers Score Double DNC”).

Then enter finish times and process as usual.


  • For your next race it is most important that you follow the steps above and reset the Penalty system.
  • It is equally important to remember to follow these steps to implement the higher penalty system if you need to reprocess the race(s) which have used this higher penalty.

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