Why CHC’s from Previous Race are NOT the AHC of the Current One

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There are 5 Scenarios…….

Scenario 1: (and by far the most common cause)

This occurs when a previous race is updated and reprocessed.


  • Races 5 and 6 are back-to-back races
  • The results of both races 5 and 6 are published
  • There is a protest from race 5 which is heard at a later date.
  • Boat A is disqualified, and DSQ entered in the DidNot column for Boat A, and the race reprocessed.

The BCH numbers for the remaining fleet may change. They will definitely change if the mark (or reference) boat changes.

The TopYacht approach to handling this issue is to leave the allocated handicaps for Race 6 unchanged. That is, the numbers computed at the completion of race 5, before the Protest was heard.

When the current race is first processed it gets the A new race imports the CHC values from the previous race and stores it as the AHC for this race when the new race is processed for the first time.

Subsequent re-processing of the race will recompute the CHC values for that race, but the AHC values for the subsequent (processed) race will remain unaltered. Additionally, subsequent reprocessing of the subsequent race(s) will not roll forward the CHC’s from the previous race.

This is a deliberate philosophy employed to ensure that changes in one race do no result in changes in all future races, the need to republish all results; and potentially even redistribute race prizes. The alternate (of allowing retrospective changes to alter future results), would be an administrative nightmare.

Having said that, there are occasions when it may be appropriate to have the AHCs of the current race aligned with the CHCs of a reprocessed previous race.

To achieve this…

Go to the current race then press the right hand button of the two small grey buttons on the top left of the screen.

Carefully read the dialogs that are displayed and choose the options to have the CHCs from the previous race carried into this race as the AHCs.


Scenario 2:

This can occur if you set up a new race, run the race, and process it before processing the previous race.

Scenario 3:

This can occur if the Handicap definition used has been switched to NOT Calculate a new handicap for the next race.

Scenario 4:

This only applies to users who choose to maintain Allocated Handicaps within the TES environment.

Some Brief Background

TES has a utility where allocated handicaps may be manually adjusted within the TES environment.

  • TopYacht computes CHC values as part as of the Process Race step (10).
  • Upload of these values is prompted in Step 11
  • The Club Handicapper may choose to ‘adjust’ these values in an on-line environment
  • The complete handicap table in downloaded during step 6a while setting up the next race.

The alternative is to roll forward handicaps wholly within the TopYacht environment (Option 2).

These two processes are demonstrated below.

If the upload fails (where the lightning bolt is shown in Option 1) then the handicap data for the previous race will still be in the TES environment for when Step 6a is executed for the next race. The handicapper in all likelihood will be unaware of this malfunction, perform changes on out-of-date data and proceed normally.

The downloaded handicaps will be those current for the previous race with and any manual adjustments by the Club Handicapper.

Scenario 5:

This can occur if Step 3 is used to enter all the boats into the race following the running of the first race. If step 3 is used, the allocated handicaps are populated with the boat’s starting handicap.

Fundamental Rule:

On all occasions, use step 6 (or 6a) to put the boats into the race regardless of whether step 3 has been used previously. (This is a good habit to get in to!!!).

After the first race, Step 3 should only be used when additional boats join the series.

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