Add / Edit Offshore Crew

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Very Important

  • For privacy reasons it is important that only owners/boat reps access the offshore crew To that end, do NOT give your boat log in details to crew members.
  • Crew members should manage their own profile by logging into MySelf using the link at the bottom of the entry page. I.e.

Updating Offshore Crew for This Race

Go to the Crew List tab.

On this screen, you can edit the key details for your crew for this race, or drop them off the crew list for this race. In this case, tick the Dropbox for the sailor. They will be removed next time you re-open this page.

To add crew and to update their full details move the mouse onto the Offshore Race Crew button, top left.

The Offshore Race Crew menu provides 5 options.

In Screen-Shot 1the first option (Add Existing …) is highlighted.

Option 1: – Add Existing…

If the sailor is already associated with your boat then they can be added to the race.

Option 2: – Invite Crew…

If the sailor is not associated with your boat but is already in the TopYacht Registry, then use the second option to send him/her an email inviting them to join the crew.

Note: it is very important that you check the email address of the crew. If the email address is misspelt then the potential crew will never receive your invitation!!

When the new crew member accepts the invitation you will be sent an email alerting you to this.

Once they have joined your crew they will appear on the crew list for this race.

Option 3: – Create NEW…

If the sailor is not already in the TopYacht Registry then use the third option to create a new sailor in TopYacht and add them to this race. This automatically sends them an email with a request to provide login and provide the rest of their details.

Againmake sure you spell the email address correctly or the new crew is never notified!

Option 4: – Edit Crew

This option provides a one-stop-shop where you can check and update details for all crew for this race. Only do this if your crew ask you to do so changes should be primarily made by the sailors themselves! NEVER overtype a sailors name/details with a new sailor, these accounts are used for yacht entry and sailor on other boats. You can ‘drop’ a sailor and add a new one as crews changes.

At the bottom of this screen is a scroll bar so you can scroll to the right to see the other fields of information.

Option 5:  – Print Crew List

Create a PDF of the crew and key details.