TES: Crew Declarations & Keel Boat P.O.B.

Synopsis This functionality allows the boat owner to list crew members for their boat on a race by race basis. The crew lists within TES are maintained on a series-by-series basis. Hence, a boat may potentially have different crew members in each Series the boat is entered into. Initially the crew are added as part […]

Using the TY-Res Rotating Results Screens

Background TopYacht has developed a web-browser based ‘Rotating Results’ utility. Running on large, strategically-placed  screens, it the perfect addition to the bar for post-race public viewing. They will scroll through all the days results in a continuous scroll. As further results become available, they automatically become part of the scroll.   Click HERE for usage […]

Using the TY-Res system for handicaps & raw results

Background One of the key things the keel-boat clubs have been seeking is results data stored in an on-line database that the club can then access for several different purposes. This is currently a work in progress but is a major undertaking. The initial step is to get all keel-boat clubs to start uploading their […]

TES: Offshore Crew vs Race Crew. Some Explanations

The MyTopYacht portal allows secure access (via login) to the boat details and crew details for that boat. The drop-down box only provides access to Cat 1 and Cat 2 events thus Lion Island does not appear. Over the years clubs have constantly wanted us to provide various crew affiliations for a boat. This has […]

Determining TES Event and Series ID

Background The download of Entries (with or without handicaps) from TES to TopYacht requires the inserting of The EvID (Event ID); and The SeID (Series ID) into TopYacht while setting up TopYacht for a specific Event. Click HERE to download the Document (~ 3 Pages)  

Add / Edit Offshore Crew

Very Important For privacy reasons it is important that only owners/boat reps access the offshore crew To that end, do NOT give your boat login details to crew members. Crew members should manage their own profile by logging into MySelf using the link at the bottom of the entry page. Offshore Crew for This Race […]

TES Web-based Notice Board

TopYacht can provide an event “Tool Box” which adds even more functionality to TES which provides a single page that allows the event (or club) administrators to manage the event via a single web address. This Tool box is a suite of applications developed for the management of competitors at major events. TopYacht will automatically […]

Entry Conformation at Registration

Background To ensure that competitor-provided information provided at the time of entry is still current, thus ensuring TES information is correct at the time of the first race, organisers should issue each competitor with a single-page summary of their current information, and request conformation. This document describes how TES can produce a summary for each […]

Crew Options for Keelboat Racing

Background TES Crew logging (POB) options fall into four main groups. TopYacht provides several facilities to record a list of persons or number of persons on board for a particular race day.  No Crew  Intention 2 race (I2R) – Are you racing & how many POB do you have for this race. Crew Decs – […]

Adding Crew to Committee or Media Boat for SMS Messaging

Step 1: Add the Boats: Example Add CB01 to Race Committee Series; and Add CB02 to Media Series. Use Enter Existing Boat(s) to Series or a Block option on the Utils menu Step 2: Add the Crew From the opening, screen click on the edit option for the ‘Race Committee’ Series. On the Edit screen click […]