TES Determining Event and Series ID

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The download of Entries (with or without handicaps) from TES to TopYacht requires the inserting of

  • The EVID (Event ID); and
  • The SEID (Series ID)

into TopYacht while setting up TopYacht for a specific Event.

This describes a means of determining these identification numbers.


You have administration access to TES for the specific event.

This includes the TES user name and password.


  • Log into TES as an administrator.
  • Select the event
  • Click on the ‘Utils’ tab (Red)

  • Click on ‘Edit Series Setup’

  • The Event ID is displayed in the browser address bar.

  • A-List of each Series ID is displayed. Choose the one you require and make a note of it.


In TopYacht

Open TopYacht, and enter

  • The TES User name
  • The TES Password
  • The Event ID
  • The Series ID

See TopYacht HELP | TES | Set Up TopYacht for TES