Importing Opti Intermediate, Opti open etc into TopYacht – OTB

Importing  Opti Intermediate,  Opti open etc  into TopYacht Where you wish to utilise sub fleets eg Opti Open and Opti Intermediate, please let TY staff know this when setting up your event. Then a few days before you need to import the entrants, go into the TES Hcer Menu and press the relevant Series PHS […]

TES Determining Event and Series ID

Background The download of Entries (with or without handicaps) from TES to TopYacht requires the inserting of The EVID (Event ID); and The SEID (Series ID) into TopYacht while setting up TopYacht for a specific Event. This describes a means of determining these identification numbers. Prerequisites You have administration access to TES for the specific […]

TES Web-based Notice Board

TopYacht can provide an event “Tool Box” which adds even more functionality to TES which provides a single page that allows the event (or club) administrators to manage the event via a single web address. This Tool box is a suite of applications developed for the management of competitors at major events. All admins can […]

On Water Sign-On Sign-Off – OTB

Background OnWater is a web based extension of TES: the ‘TopYacht Entry System’. Being web based, it can be used on any device (including hand held ones) that supports a web browser. This document is centred around using computers on shore It allows sailors to sign on/sign off very quickly using a simple Web based […]

Importing Keel Boat and OTB Entrants into TopYacht via Step 6a

Background TopYacht is designed to import the Keelboat and OTB entrants from TES. The functionality of the OTB version is limited to handling the population of Series Entrants and subsequent amending those entrants, but not performance handicaps   Prerequisites A TopYacht TES Interface license; An Internet connection to the computer hosting TopYacht Knowledge of the […]

Entry Conformation at Registration

Background To ensure that competitor-provided information provided at the time of entry is still current, thus ensuring TES information is correct at the time of the first race, organisers should issue each competitor with a single-page summary of their current information, and request conformation. This document describes how TES can produce a summary for each […]