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OnWater is a web based extension of TES: the ‘TopYacht Entry System’. Being web based, it can be used on any device (including hand held ones) that supports a web browser. This document is centred around using computers on shore

It allows sailors to sign on/sign off very quickly using a simple Web based interface. It can be accessed by a computer at the club or via the sailor’s smart phone/tablet.

When used with the Keel Boat extension, it can be used to also capture the number of POB.

At a recent major OTB regatta, the sailors averaged 4 seconds each to sign on/off.

Event Prerequisites

Event Entry

  • You have used TES as the event entry platform. Each competitor must be in the TES database for that event. Boats directly added to the TopYacht database will not be shown for sign-on / sign off. Boats in TopYacht that are retrospectively added to TES, must have the boat-id number (generated in side TES) added to TopYacht via Step 6.

On the Computer Hosting TopYacht

In the Sign-On Sign-Off Muster Location

  • You have one computer per race course for sailors use –
    • Hide or remove the mouse and
    • (Preferably) use a water proof keyboard.
    • Configure so the computer opens the OnWater URL at boot time. Bookmarking this URL is highly recommended. See Appendix 1 for instructions as to how to obtain the URL.
  • While the internet’s data transfer is low per transaction, the response time of your internet link’s upload capability needs to be about 2-seconds. Otherwise, the next user will be waiting for the transaction to complete. Excessive delays will render this system unusable.


The Steps…

Step 1. – Select the Race

In the event of back-to-back races scheduled for the day, when the sign-on is released for competitor use, there may be more than one race session being displayed in the picking list. Best Practice is to choose the first. This will minimise the issues that will arise if the day’s racing is cancelled after the sign-on process is partially (or fully) complete.

Step 2 Select Mode

  Before racing select the Sign ON Water mode. The Sign OFF Water simply swaps the position of the two columns seen in the screen shot that follow.

Step 3 – Going “On Water”

  The sailor searches for the boat by starting to enter the boat name or sail number and class. The system searches for a string match in the entered information. The length of the picking list reduces as more characters are typed, and less matching possibilities are found. In most cases the system will find a unique match with just 3 or 4 letters/numbers that will locate their boat. It is not case sensitive.


E.g. “2 FAST 2 FURIO 1426 Optimist I” is located by just entering “furi”

  A press of the Enter key on the keyboard brings up a confirmation dialog.
  Another Enter confirms the sailor/boat identity. This moves the boat


  As more sailors sign on, the “on water” list grows while the “on land” list shrinks


Step 4 Select ‘Sign OFF-Water’ Mode

  Before any boats return to the beach, a designated person must select the Sign OFF Water mode.[2]


  • The RO can select when the sign on list is available on the Web and when it is removed.
  • Parents like the system as it is so easy to see who has not yet signed on or off.
  • ROs like the system as they can see it on their tablet/smart phone while on the water in real time.


The RO Interface

  • At the top there is a summary of the number ‘on water’ and ‘on land’.
  • The time each person signs on and signs off is visible and can be sorted
  • The list can be sorted by any
  • There is provision to do an ‘on committee boat’ confirmation check for each boat at the start line if you wish, using the Chk
  • There is provision of a brief note eg “Retired damaged”.
  • Refreshing your Web browser gives you real time updates of who has signed on/off.

Associated Documents:

TopYacht Web Times Users Guide

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Appendix 1

URL Formats (Current Format)

  • Open a browser
  • Enter this URL in the address line of the browser:
    where 1234 is the Event ID (evid) (mandatory); and,
    ro is to invoke the Race Officer review page (optional).