Using the TY-Res Rotating Results Screens

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The new TY Results rotating results screens are the perfect addition to the bar for post-race. They will scroll through all the days results in a continuous scroll.

Please make sure you have linked your database to the TY-Res system View HERE



where xxx = your TES event ID

The upload process has been automated to make it as simple as possible. There are two ways you can do this:

#1 When you select “Internet” and press the print button. This functions as usual and at the same time data is also sent to the TY Results database which drives the rotating results screens.  
#2 If you don’t want to print the full results to your  web page but do want to send preliminary data to the rotating screens (i.e large fleet where the fast boats are already in the bar, but smaller boats are still finishing)

You can use the small green button on the view race results screen to just send to the rotating screens – Note you’ll need to use the green button on each group (there is no ALL groups option)




The screens will pick up ANY results printed to web on the date viewed, so the only caveat is that if you’re uploading changes (i.e Wednesday night results change on Thursday) those results will display in addition to the Thursday night ones. Rotating screens are based on ‘printed’ date, not the race date.

What some clubs do to get around this is wait until after prize giving to print any changes to previous days results.