Crew Options for Keelboat Racing

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Our options fall into four main groups.

TopYacht provides several facilities to record a list of persons or number of persons on board for a particular race day.

  1.  No Crew
  2.  Intention 2 race – Are you racing & how many POB do you have for this race.
  3. Crew Decs – List of the crew includes; names, contacts details and Next of Kin information for all persons on board for this race. This has some options that you can use to customise your reports.
  4. Offshore Crew – List of crews with Cat 1, 2 or Cat 3x level information recorded for each sailor on board.


Intention 2 Race

Intention2Race is a facility within TES that allows you to send a personalised SMS message to each competitor in a Series for a particular race. The message requests them to indicate if ….

  •  they intend to race and if so  …
  • how many persons are on board for that race.
  • it also has the ability to let them come back later and indicate that they have withdrawn from the race.
  • The sailors provide their feedback via the Internet using the personalised URL included in the SMS message on their smartphone.
  • Within TES, the club admin can see, real-time, the responses from the sailors.

This is used for major events like Hamilton Island Race Week and Airlie Beach Race Week and by clubs for club racing.


Declarations – Inshore/Coastal events

  • Widely used for club racing or events within a series where sailors may change crew race-to-race. Designed for Inshore events, up to Cat 3 Not intended for Cat 1 & 2 use.
  • Details are boat-based and only updateable by the boat skipper/contact.
  • Collects crew detail (name emergency contact details, club member number, day pass number, PLB and/or other info)  on a race by race basis
  •  The skipper can add crew members to their boat for a race. This is done quickly and easily via a smartphone or any Web-enabled device.
  • The skipper can come back at any time and tick/untick who is “On Board”
  •  Once a week (one minute after midnight Monday by default) the list of who is “OnBoard” each boat is logged and then the “OnBoard” tick box is automatically un-ticked.
  • This data is then accessible at any time to the club administration.
  • This also can be used as a sign on/off the system with day and time-variable set to limit when folks can sign on/off.
  • Ability to use the Intention 2 Race functionality where Skipper can tick if they are or aren’t sailing in the ‘next’ race NOTE: this sued the races as set-up in TES (add/amend races) if there are no upcoming race then this option will not be present.

Crew Decs allows you to collect day pass numbers but does not currently allow the purchase of day passes, but this can be done through TES.

Easy link for club admins to send out each week  [1234 = your TES event ID]


Full Offshore Crew – Cat 1, 2 or Cat 3x

Details are person-based and sailors/crew are expected to log in, maintain and update their own individual details.

  • This option collects considerable information for each member of the offshore crew.
    • Personal Details inc. weight, jacket colour etc.
    • Contact Details
    • Next of Kin Details
    • Qualifications and Certificates
    • Previous Experience
    • Safety- PLB information
  • The expectation is that the crew is responsible for updating their own data,  but…
  • the owner or boat rep can access, check and update all crew details for this race
  • The host club admin can also access this data.


Revised: 20191012 – GW