TES: Crew Declarations & P.O.B

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  • A TopYacht Licence extension is required;
  • TES has been configured (by TopYacht) for a keel-boat event.
  • TopYacht has been correctly configured

Accessing the Crew Decs/POB screen

When you put in an entry via TopYacht you will find a “crew dec/POB” link you can use on your mobile device eg phone or tablet. You can also locate this by doing an “Update Entry” (in TES) from any Series you are entered at the club.

Take note of this link.


  • evid (1234) is the Event ID (allocated by the TopYacht Team). This number changes event-by-event;

This takes you to the log on page

Put in your normal TopYacht password then tap (or click) on the login button.

You will be presented with a list of Series in which you are an entrant. The Series name may be shorted to display neatly on a phone.

Select the relevant Series then tap to Update Crew button.

Adding Crew to the Boat for this Series

This takes you to a page that is initially rather empty.

If you have crew members that have been on your boat at this club before OR who have competed in an offshore race with you, then they will probably be available in the Get previous crew option.

If this list shows crew who are no longer associated with your boat then you can drop them from the list. If they appear again in the future that is simply because there were associated with your boat several times. Just drop them again.

Once you have selected a few you can add them to the boat for this Series by tapping the Add selected crew button.

If there are none to add then simply close the drop-down by tapping Close previous crew.

Ralf McSea was added in this example.

You can also add a new person by tapping Create new crew. They are initially entered as “aaa New Crew” – simply type over this and add other relevant details.

Selecting the Crew for THIS Race

Once you have crew attached to the boat, you select them for THIS race.

The blue square boxes around the 3 selected crew members (shown below) indicate that each update has been received by the server.

Once you are done, tap the Submit button for confirmation of the crew list you have provided.

This list is also emailed to your email address as registered in TopYacht.

Alternate interface

You can also add race crew to TopYacht via the Member Point app.

Finally – a warning!!

Each week, at 00:01 Tuesday (Monday night / Tuesday morning), this information is logged and then the ticks for the On-Board column are removed.

If an alternate day is better for races (i.e for Wednesday Races) Clubs can set this in the Utils > edit series set-up menu.

The expectation is that you select the crew for each race (or event) so that it reflects the actual situation on your boat for that race. This is important for the club and also for the authorities if something untoward happens to the boat.