TES: Offshore Crew vs Race Crew. Some Explanations

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The MyTopYacht portal allows secure access (via login) to the boat details and crew details for that boat.

The drop-down box only provides access to Cat 1 and Cat 2 events thus Lion Island does not appear.

Over the years clubs have constantly wanted us to provide various crew affiliations for a boat. This has been decided to just categories.

  • Cat 1/ Cat 2 offshore races where the crew is referred to as “offshore crew“. This category requires extensive information on age, weight, the colour of the jacket, PLB etc. It can be accessed and updated by a sailor and/or the owner of a boat on which the sailor is crewing for an offshore event.
  • Cat 3 and higher events where the crew is referred to as “race crew”. This category is just a list of names with some details that are stored against a boat and are only edible by the owner. This thus allows very fast addition of a new “race crew” as only the most basic details are required.

“Offshore crew” are available to be selected/added to a boat for “race crew” but not vice versa.

Race crew are added as part of an entry or via the mobile “crew declaration” interface for an entry.

To add an offshore crew requires you to “invite” them to join the crew for a specific Cat 1 / Cat 2 race. Invitations circumvent Privacy laws. It give the owner access to a lot of personal information.