Adding Casual Keelboat Entrants

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At TES setup time, advise TopYacht Staff the requirements for casuals. This must include:

  • That the Race Series can take Casual entrants entries
  • Casual Entry Fee

Club’s TES Administrators

Log into TES

Utils | Add/Amend Races

  • Select a Series.
  • Add additional races.
  • Where there are breaks in a weekly series (for: say Easter), then set up the races pre THEN set up the races post.
  • Set a cut off time in days and hours prior to the race after which entries for that race will not be accepted. (Utils | Edit Series Setup)


  • For casual entries accepted on the day of racing, set ‘Cas DL Day’ to
  • For casual entries cut off on the previous day then set it to 1.
  • Repeat for other series.

Once done, your casual entry screen will look more like…