Boat and Race Document Uploading

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Boat Documents (Boat Docs)

Boat Docs allows an owner to upload 30 plus “standard” documents for their boat. An uploaded document can be a scanned paper document or a .pdf document such as an insurance certificate. The documents are stored in a TES folder for that boat and used by the owner as proof of meeting various requirements for club racing. The same documents can be copied into Race Docs by the owner for a specific race.

Clubs can nominate specific Boat Docs to be uploaded for club racing or low-risk offshore racing. In this case the upload facility is on the normal TES entry screen. The document mix is dictated by the Organising Authority.

Race Documents (Race Docs)

Race Docs allows the administrator of an offshore race to nominate

  • which Boat Docs; and,
  • which Event Specific docs

the organisers require the owners to submit for a particular event. They can then verify the compliance of the uploaded documents using the “OK” check box on the Race Docs page. Race Docs are stored in a separate folder for each event to isolate them from the routine Boat Docs and Race Docs for other events.

Click HERE to download the document (~ 5 pages)