Creating a Personal Profile in TES

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Who Needs a Personal Profile in TES?

You need a personal profile in TopYacht if:-

  • You are a boat owner that enters races via TES.
  • You are a crew member on a boast for an offshore race, for Cat 1, 2 or sometimes cat 3. Such crew are referred to as “Offshore Crew”.

You do not need a personal profile if you are crewing on a boat for club (not offshore) racing. These crews are referred to as ‘Day Crew’. The information stored for ‘Day Crew’ is very basic (primarily used for safety purposes) and is managed by the boat owner rather than the crew-member themself. [This saves remembering yet another password.]

If you have a personal profile established as an OTB sailor, this profile is not accessible for keelboats. You will need to follow this process to establish one specifically for keelboat racing.

Creating a Personal Profile as an Offshore Crew Member

The owner of the boat can create a basic profile for you. The system emails you a temporary password to log in and add/update relevant details.


You can create a new profile for yourself as follows.

Go to the entry page for that event.

Towards the bottom of the page and click the Add/Update your personal profile option as below.

On the page that opens, follow the on-screen steps to create (or update) your profile.

Important: access this screen from the event-specific entry page. Events have an event-specific race category, and/or the Event Organisers may change the information you need to provide.

Creating a Personal Profile as a Boat Owner

If you are an owner not already in TES and you are adding a boat not already in TES (i.e. a boat which is not already on the TES boat register) then simply put in an entry using the Enter boat NOT in TopYacht Boat Register option on the event entry page as shown below.

If you are an owner of a boat that is already in TopYacht (i.e. a boat that is already on the TopYacht boat register) then contact TopYacht ( and request the creation of a new profile for you and give basic details of the existing boat you have purchased including the previous owner’s name.

TopYacht staff will set this up for you and then send you a temporary password so you can log in.